Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tinfoil Helmets

My first shift in my final rotation on Monday went very well. I think the unit is a perfect place for me to begin learning how one manages to take care of 4 patients over the course of 12 hours without causing grave harm to either nurse or patient. The only harm I suffered consisted of 2 very sore feet (whine) and knees (whine whine) after standing for so many hours. I also had to try to stay up late so I could start adjusting to night shifts (I have my first night shift tomorrow) and it was murder to do so (whine whine whine). No complaints, though (really!), I'm so happy to be working with younger people again.

Thanks so much for those people who had coping with night shfit suggestions for me. In order to darken my room to make it easier to manage daytime sleeping, I have placed towels over some windows and pulled the blinds on others are as tight as they can go. So looking around my room I look like some sort of deranged survivalist. If I make a tinfoil helmet for my head, I will fit right in.

I'd like to put a tinfoil helmet on Celine to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday!


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