Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So so much.

I have seen so so much over the past week but it feels wrong to write about patients. So I won't. Even though I'd really really like too. And I'd have so so much to say about how very awful, difficult, endearing, sad and sweet it can be.

I like being a nurse.

Last night I had a different preceptor who gave me some excellent constructive criticism about my charting (i.e. how I describe what is going on with my patients). Apparently, I am a bit too narrative in my charting style. Shocking to you all, I'm sure. In any case, I was glad to finally have someone not just say "Yeah, that's fine" which has generally been the case.

So tired. I worked back-to-back nights and have a class today from 12:30 - 2:30 so I can't even go home to sleep because it's just not worth it to return so quickly. So I'm at the public health school which is better endowed than the nursing school and falling asleep on their plush public health chairs. 'night.


Anonymous marj said...

hi, emjc! hang in there, my friend! you're almost done... :) it's nice to read that you like being a nurse despite how tired you are. i'm rooting for ya! take care...

9:53 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

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Blogger Gypsybobocowgirl said...

Abortion? It takes all kinds.

About night shift--dark is good, white noise is essential (a fan) and keep the room COLD! You will sleep much better.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Joan said...

Why do you think you shouldn't write about patients? I think its ok. Having only read your blog for a short time, I "assume" you haven't said where you work or live..., and you can leave out all identifying info.. You ARE a writer after all.

8:18 PM  
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