Saturday, June 18, 2005


I'm weathering my night shifts all right simply because I seem to find myself sleeping all those hours I am not working. While this is fine for now, I don't see this as a long-term solution for night shifts. I also know that perhaps I am not as fine as I think I am: when I came home yesterday morning, I took my credit card out of my wallet in order to let myself into the house. I found the key worked better. This, I suppose, is how medication errors are made.

Night shifts do have their advantages: things are much quieter and there is definitely a feeling of camaraderie when you take a 2:00AM break for "lunch". There are also less medications to be given so I'm allowed to do a lot more. I've done some neat things like peritoneal dialysis, drawing bloods from central lines and hanging lipids (neat to me, thoroughly boring and routine for most).

So I'm heading up there now for my 4th shift in 6 days which brings me to 50 hours this week. We have 212 hours to do before graduation so it's satisfying to know I have made a good dent in that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep at it my lovely vampire.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Joan said...

HI, stumbled upon your blog while looking for some communication among psych nurses, which I am. First blog I ever read! Enjoy it. You are a good writer. I've been a nurse for 25 years. 18 of them in psych. Looking forward to reading about your job.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Joan said...

PS, realize you're not a psych nurse now. You were in your psych rotation when I found your blog.

11:43 AM  
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