Friday, June 03, 2005

Press Conference

A friend in my program was part of a group that arranged a press conference with medical and nursing students to calling for a gubernatorial override of the "Fair Share Health Care Bill". The Bill would require large companies (>10,000 employees) to spend a minimum of 8% of their payroll on health care benefits for their employees. It's been nicknamed the "Wal-Mart Bill" and you can probably guess why. The Governor decided the Fair Share Bill was bad for business within weeks of vetoing a bill that would have freed funding for stem cell research. Health care equity? Bad for business. No funding for biotechnology? Ummm... something other than bad for business, apparently.

In any case, I went to the press conference and it was fun and I got to wear scrubs and look concerned and pissed off in front of cameras so that was a thrill.

In other, decidedly different news: is anyone looking for registered nurse thong panties? Because I can hook you up. This should also delight you (click on "recent discoveries").


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm, why is this the first I've heard of these? Hook up whoever you long as you hook up yourself.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Student Nurse said...


Thanks Very Much for the link! I really appreciate it, and will reciprocate on my site.

Happy Blogging!

Student Nurse

10:32 PM  
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