Monday, June 06, 2005

Nursing Moments II & Virtual Class

This morning I had my "virtual class," which is my new on-line class on nursing informatics. My computer would crash and start smoking if I actually asked it to run any of the software that is required to participate in a virtual class so I have to go to the school's computer lab which obviously compromises the whole "the world is your classroom" aspect of on-line courses. About two thirds of my class also have lousy computers so we all end up at the computer lab talking to each other over the Internet and across the room. Cool! Virtual!

We also are obliged to wear headphone/microphone combinations telemarketer-style.

Oh brave new world!

More in the spirit of the World Wide Web, the latest edition of Nursing Moments is up at (can't get the link to work, have no idea why). And by latest I mean the second... but you have to start somewhere. "Nursing Moments" is a compendium of different nursing-related stories from blogs submitted to an editor who weaves them together and posts them on his or her blog. This type of thing is called a "Carnival." Thinking Nurse put the first Carnival together a couple of weeks ago and Geena at Code Blog is carrying on the task. It's really neat to read the different postings and read new blogs. These people are very clever to get their links to work.

FYI: when Thinking Nurse was asking for suggestions to name the nursing Carnival, I suggested CaRNival but it was rejected. *I* think it's sort of catchy.


Blogger Ilan Muskat said...

This is as far back as I'm going to retrocomment. Don't you just love computers? Especially the laptops where when you move your hand close to the keyboard it attempts to snap shut on it?

And the ones that like to pop up little error windows about how you've been a naughty little child and won't get any pudding?

9:16 PM  
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