Monday, May 23, 2005

National Nurse

America's Nurse

The above is an op-ed piece from the NY Times that advocates the appointment of a "National Nurse" a la Surgeon General who would have biweekly press releases and radio or TV spots to highlight healthy living and prevention activities. Great idea, no? The author believes that the National Nurse should replace the Surgeon General which probably went a long way in alienating many potential supporters and I'm not sure why one would have to replace the other. There's room at the top, I suspect.

Today in our community health class we had a "Bioterrorism" lecture where we had the pleasure of distinguishing bubos (the lymph welts that show up when you have bubonic plague) from smallpox lesions and Tularemia eccyhmoses (where blood fills the entire layer under your skin) and leprosy discoloration. I'm having my own attack of something decidedly infectious which involves a headache and fever so horrible and high I've been doped up on codeine the last 2 days. I indulged in some nursing student hysteria and diagnosed myself with meningitis for about 2 minutes (I interviewed a man last week with HIV who was recovering from viral meningitis) but remembered that I am not immunocompromised and happen to not have multiple open lesions on my person.


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