Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Community Health Nursing

Today was our orientation to the clinical component of our community health course. It's pretty daunting as we'll be making home visits on our own. It's our last clinical since, ideally, we'll be able to synthesize all of our assessment and planning skills to date and provide comprehensive, knowledgeable services to our patients/clients. Oh sure. No problem.

The good news is that we get toys and a snappier uniform. We've been given a visiting nurse tote bag with thermometers, BP cuffs, flashlights, wound dressing supplies and the lot. We also are given to opportunity to replace our rather law-enforcement-ish uniforms with plain navy pants and a white blouse. We're told not to wear coats so that people can see our public health nurse uniform clearly and this should prevent misunderstandings i.e. we're not there to arrest you or take their children away.

For fellow nurse-type blogger people, the "Thinking Nurse" is holding a "blog carnival" (I didn't know what it was, either).


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