Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Woman Servant

Monday was my first day back at school. This semester seems as if it is going to be quite different from the last: all of my courses are at least somewhat discussion-based and deal with slightly more squishy things than pharmacology or pathophysiology. So my new courses include the research process in nursing, psychopathology and nursing for adult physical health (this is a lecture + clinical course - the 1st in a series of 3 clinical courses I'll take this semester). I'm really looking forward to psychopathology as I've never taken any psychology before but have been diagnosing people I know for many years so will finally learn just how right (or wrong) I've been.

I'm also taking a course to learn how to be a doula also known as a childbirth assistant. Doula comes from the ancient Greek "woman servant" and it is a woman who is trained to help a mother during birth. The tagphrase from DONA (the doula association of North America) is to train women to "mother the mother". Therefore, the sort of things I'll learn is different positions for different types of labor, non-pharmocologic pain relief (rubs, baths, distraction etc.) and more about the natural course of labor so you can assure woman that what or when they're experiencing is normal. It's a bit hippie and I feel a bit odd learning how to do this since I have never given birth myself but I'm really looking forward to it. After I take the course (which runs 18 hours over this weekend and some extra meetings), I'll be assigned to someone who requested a doula from my school and go ahead and provide the labor support. If I do enough births, I can apply for certification from DONA. I get paid through the school for the births I attend, too, so it's hard to say no.

I've been placed in an oncology floor for my clinical work for adult physical health (I know the name's a mouthful but what else can I call it?) and that's excellent. I'll start on Thursday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy learning to be a doula and maybe one day (hopefully for me!!) you will have your own baby - guess who this is from??

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