Thursday, January 27, 2005

National Body Fluid on the Uniform Day

I had my first body-fluid-on-the-uniform day. What fun! Luckily, I was able to remove my blood-stained turtleneck from under my uniform shirt which meant I didn't have to borrow a pair of paper scrubs from the unit and sound like a newspaper for the rest of the day.

And so this brings up an important question: What would *YOU* like to have on your shirt? My clinical group seems evenly divided between crap, pee and blood. I'm a blood girl myself (doesn't smell but could give you a terminal disease and doesn't come out easy in the wash) although there are equally good and bad reasons to prefer crap (comes out of the wash, generally has non-lethal germs in it but definitely smells) or pee (no germs, only some smell (depends) but stigma of being "pissed on" and likelyhood of pee seeping through shirt onto your skin).

And the thing is it is a good idea for nurses to wear white or light colors: I probably would have no idea my sleeve was covered in blood if I were wearing a dark-colored top. And then, god forbid, I probably would have wiped my nose with my sleeve as I'm wont to do or something similarly unsanitary.


Blogger Ilan Muskat said...

The Napoleonic war was proceeding apace. The two officers, bedecked in their 19th-century military regalia, sat astride their horses on the hill. They were conversing idly, watching their troops being slaughtered in the valley below.

Out of nowhere (but possibly the valley), a bullet whizzed by, catching the first officer in the upper arm. Unperturbed, he called for an aide. "Monsieur Poincaré, please fetch me my red shirt." The second, curious, asked: "why a red shirt, Monsieur Circonflexe?" Replied the first, "if I am wearing my red shirt, then when I am wounded, I shall not demoralize the men with a spreading bloodstain." The second officer nodded sagely.

At that moment, another bullet whizzed past the two officers. Considering for a moment, the second officer called to his aide: "Monsieur Culdesac! Please fetch me my brown trousers."

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you can faily judge which bodily substance is best on your clothes until you've tried them all. Don't be so judgmental...

10:22 AM  
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