Monday, December 06, 2004


I apologize for the Unlikely RN's hiatus. I had some technical concerns and some other issues which you can ask me about off-blog. However, I'm making it up to everyone by now relieving you from having to type "The" into my URL. I am now merely an Unlikely RN, no longer the. I am no longer the definitive article. Sigh. I'll be able to post my archives again but I have sadly lost my comments, which is a shame because I have some funny friends. Please make up for this by commenting avidly over the next couple of days.

The last several weeks have been more of the same. However, a great number of humiliating, entertaining and obscene things have also happened in this time period so I'll try to remember them all until I am caught up and bore you to tears.

Have you seen the movie GI Jane? It's the one where Demi Moore is trying to become a Navy SEAL which, apparently, is extremely difficult. The sadistic commanders put a bell in the middle of the recruits' training ground and when the devastatingly buff actor-marines give up and want to leave the program, they're supposed to ring the bell. All of my friends have had at least one "bell moment" and my number came up just before Thanksgiving. I was in a small group of students who were assigned to attend a "Sim Kid" workshop. Sim Kid is Sim Man's pediatric equivalent - a child-sized plastic dummy who can do amazing things like have a heartbeat, make retching sounds, and emit breath sounds.

I killed him.

It was my job to administer a nebulizer treatment (asthma meds) to Sim Kid and I didn't properly evaluate his lung function and the damn dummy coded on me. So he died and it was my fault. This happened while the following people looked on: 6 fellow students, 2 professors (one who teaches my pharmacology and the other one pediatrics - that's 2 out of my 4 classes) and a TELEVISION CAMERA! The professors decided it would be a great idea if they videotaped us working with the dummy so we would be able to critique our bedside manner (or negligent homicide, in my case). I went to the gym afterwards, found a dark and sweaty corner and cried my little murdererous eyes out. It was a disaster and I wanted to ring the bell. Looking back, it's a little more funny now but I'm still a little scarred.

In any case, that's the worst thing that happened since THE Unlikely RN went out of business. The best thing is that I won a fellowship to conduct research at the Hospital next semester. It's part of a nursing research training program and I'm v. excited about it. More details to follow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they got any extra Sim Women(TM) lyin' around there?

11:54 AM  
Blogger Ilan Muskat said...

Bell moments?

I'm like a frickin' cellphone over here.

Like that crazy choir that plays a bunch of bells.

Like a big long row of churches, over on churchery row.

Like some one-horse open sleigh with, well, a bunch of bells attached.

2:38 PM  
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