Friday, December 10, 2004

Flu Goo

I had the "Flu Mist" today which is anything but. Have you had this? I had imagined that the Flu Mist was, well, a mist. Instead, it's a syrupy goo in a syringe that a nurse shoves way up each nostril and squirts. The goo is sweet and it trickles down the back of your throat : "Mmmmmm" I thought, "live attenuated influenza virus." I think having something shoved up your nose is far more invasive and painful than a shot. Such is the plight of the nursing student in the year of the vaccine shortage.

It was great fun, though, watching other people react to the "mist". Everyone looks shocked and pissed off that someone would dare put something so far up their noses and afterwards everyone tears up and wipes their nose with great vigor.

Today was my last day of pediatrics. I did enjoy it and I am definitely thinking about working in pediatrics. Working with kids required a lot of adjustment on my part i.e. learning what they can and cannot understand, the difference between pain and anxiety, working with parents. Once I got used to dealing with these facets of peds, I really liked it.

It's agony waiting out this weekend before my 3 final exams next week. All I want to do is write the exams and split. 5 days until I'm halfway done nursing school!


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