Monday, October 18, 2004

Open House

The nursing school had an Open House for prospective students on Saturday. I was scheduled to be a general recruiter and because I (obviously) love talking about myself and nursing it was fun. I led several tours through our lovely building which shows very well and told my v. best anecdotes (the little plastic penises on pillows...the photographer showing up during our rectal exam lecture...the dummy whose face is male but genitals are not...). I realized I sounded like a total sex-obsessed perv. I probably enforced every randy nurse stereotype. God knows I may have discouraged dozens of men and women from applying and they will instead attend a decent nursing school like Georgetown where perhaps they aren't even allowed to TALK about penises in keeping with Catholic modesty.

I also had to answer the "How dangerous is Baltimore?" question. A tough one. Responding "Very," seems innapropriate but anything else seems disingenuous. I simply pointed out the uniformed men on elevated platforms posted at several corners of the campus and said that it was important to be careful. I reckoned the armed guards spoke for themselves.

I have my "Nursing the Childbearing" final on Wednesday, my birthday, which is crap. I was hoping I would be in the hospital on my birthday so I could bore every mother to tears by telling her that today was my birthday, too.

Thanks to for recommending me - very much appreciated. Good luck with a VBAC: you can do it!


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