Friday, October 15, 2004

Master of the Urethra

I'm sorry to dwell on catheters so. However, I had a catheter-related triumph today and I must share it. Previously, my instructor has helped me out somewhat during catheter insertion by pointing to the urethral meatus (say that three times fast) and making frantic motions when I'm about to do something dumb. However, today I struck out on my own, did a fine job and, luckily, my instructor was there to witness my proficiency. She clapped her hands when I found gold (i.e. urine flowed through my catheter tubing indicating that I had indeed done the thing right) which was a little bizarre for the patient but music to my pounding ears.

It's funny, people used to (and still do) make fun of my nursing school decision and joke about the poop and pee and puke I'd have to deal with. I would haughtily tell them "Oh ho. The days of bedpans and nurses in caps lifting patients and cleaning up vomit are long gone - the modern nurse isn't responsible for such things..." It's true: the modern baccaleureate-prepared nurse generally doesn't do these things. However, I don't mind these things really; these tasks certainly are not beneath me and it is surprisingly rewarding when that urine flows through the tube. I never thought I'd feel this way but these are all sequelae of, you know, being master of the urethra.


Anonymous Judy said...

I'm a "baccaleureate-prepared nurse " and if you think you're not going to see a lot of poop and pee, I think you're going to be in administration or disappointed.

I'm a NICU nurse in a unit with an all RN staff. We change diapers. You might be appalled at how excited even the physicians can get about poop. Sometimes even the docs change diapers. Really.

BTW, congratulations on your accomplishment. Good luck in the rest of your academic career, but instead of denying reality, you need a speech about how much you can learn from body fluids and the manner in which they are excreted.

9:37 AM  
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