Saturday, August 07, 2004


Yesterday I wrote my last exam and I finished my first semester (and first quarter) of the program. I did well on the exams and left amazed at how much I've learned (wow - when did I turn into an afternoon special?).

My reward? A whole month of vacation. I'm in Toronto now and will be in Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Quebec, PEI, Boston over the next month. I didn't bring a single school book.
I'll write if anything relevant comes up but otherwise I will be away until early September.

Sidenotes: My mother has kindly pointed out some of the occasional (frequent?) typos/spelling errors I make. I'm proud of myself when I actually write stuff down and the writing usually takes place in between classes so I don't get to the editing part much so please excuse my typos and other errors. I promise you I AM literate and mildly learned and these errors are the product of rush and laziness and not stupidity or MR (the v. kind nursing way of saying developmentally delayed (mental retardation)).


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