Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Quick Note

Thursday’s clinical placement was not particularly thrilling or made-for-television but tragic nonetheless. My group (5 students) and our clinical instructor (interesting story – a 40-something woman who had her PhD in genetics and then came to my school to do our accelerated program and then went on to become a nurse practitioner) interviewed and examined an older patient who came to the hospital complaining of stomach pain and weight loss and will leave with lung cancer and brain and kidney metastases. The patient was very genial and allowed our group to prod the patient's belly, take a BP and listen to bowel sounds. I was certain the belly was bloated and fluid filled and highly irregular. Our instructor told us it was a perfectly normal elderly belly.

Yesterday was a holiday even for us and I am slowly slouching towards the old 8-9 routine of class-study-bed. I did, however, spend part of July 4th learning about enemas because there isn’t anything more patriotic than sticking things up people’s rectums. Tomorrow I have an exam as well as the second half of the dreaded sign-offs. I am just now going to the practice lab in order to get my catheter, enema, injection and medication administration chops up to scratch. More soon.


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