Saturday, July 10, 2004


Busy week. The good news was I passed the sign-offs easily. I was able to demonstrate the right sized needle and syringe, the right injection sites and other site or drug-specific skills. I demonstrated how to stick a straight catheter into a plastic pudenda with the greatest of ease.
Plastic pudenda? Oh, yes. For the last week, the beds in the practice labs have had flesh-colored penises and vulvas propped up on littld white pillows (very PC - light and dark-skinned in a 80:20 ratio). The, umm, "models" look like they could be purchased at your average sex toy store except for the oversized, gaping urethra that can accomodate a catheter tube. Catheters make me very uncomfortable. I can handle the whole shoving-my-face-in-someone's-crotch thing but I really don't like the idea of threading substantially-sized plastic tubing into someone's urethra (20 cm for a man, 3-4 cm for a woman). Our instructors have assured us that people are usually so desperate to pee the pain is worth it. You know, though, that when even nurses admit something causes pain it is going to hurt.

I'd really like to have one of the models as a souvenir.

NG tubes and IVs are on the agenda for this week as well as learning how to do genital and rectal exams. It will be a difficult week.

Things are moving fast, though. We've already officially finished one course (Principles and Applications of Nursing Techonologies I) and are starting to register for our Fall courses now. There is less than one month to go in the summer semester.


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