Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Today the school was open to people wishing to take care of some details before orientation proper began. I had my ID photograph taken, opened a bank account, picked up my uniform and had a heart attack when I saw how expensive books would be.

The uniform could be worse. The polyester, navy, elastic waist-banded pants actually don't look half bad - I think I'm just the right height. For whatever reason, they don't offer any women's sizes; it is all male L, M or S. No XS or similar so anyone shorter or tinier than me will be swimming. The polo shirt is very butch and the whole ensemble looks its worst when you tuck the shirt into the high-waisted pants as demanded in the uniform policy. Not pretty.
Tons of girls walking about - it's a bit overwhelming.

It seems that if a girl were to buy all the recommended books new, it would cost about $800. I've ordered some for less money from the internet and am considering buying older editions of those texts for which it's hard to believe there have been any major advances in scholarship in the last two years. The textbook business is an amazing racket.

I have the course reader for one course (Dimensions of the Nursing Role) which is very scary as there just seems to be far too much information than can possibly be internalized in two months (the length of the summer semester).

Believe it or not my first clinical day will be next Friday. I will wear the shoes.


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