Thursday, June 03, 2004


Today was the first day of orientation. It consisted of presentation after presentation after lecture after presentation of information ranging from how to get an email account to how to wash your skin if you've been "stuck" by a used needle to what GUD means (Genital Ulcerative Disease). We got some great statistics on the likelihood of being infected with various diseases. It looks like Hepatitis (B more than C) is the winner. Thirty percent of SARS cases occurred in health care providers so if that makes its way back here again that will be a test, no?
I think these first two months will be one of the most challenging things I have ever done. It seems that in these months they will teach us the bulk of what we generally think of when we think of nursing i.e. needles, IV, catheters... + how to do a physical assessment and how to take a medical history (not nearly as simple as I would have thought). I need to find a good place to study.

Some figures from my program:
~100 People in total
8 returned peace corps volunteers
12 men
20 people identifying as minorities
31 from California
18 from Maryland
1 International student
1 Me.

The blocks of doom are becoming more and more tame and I walked to school and back today without really thinking about it. I met two other girls who live in the neighborhood and they're very friendly and interested in walk-pooling (carpooling via feet). I'm trying to convince them to go into some book shares so we'll see.

Am going out tonight in Fell's Point with fellow students for dinner.


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