Tuesday, June 15, 2004

First Exam

I just finished my first exam and it was relatively painless. Everything's complicated, though, by the fact I have another exam tomorrow and a quiz on Thursday. It never ends! The added push to studying is that it is conceivable your patients might die if you don't know what you are doing. I won't be in such a position of responsibility for quite a while (or never) but this is all a lot more important than "Gender and Sexuality in Renaissance Italy" ever was.
This afternoon we have our first up close and personal lab time with our fellow students: today is "Respiratory Lab" and we have to wear gowns and pound on each other's backs and tap them ("percuss") and listen to them with our stethoscope and listen for "adventitious" i.e. nasty pathological sounds. We heard a recording of a "friction rub" today in class (when the inner and outer lining of your lungs rub against each other due to some infection or disease like emphysema). The sound was truly terrible. It's definitely possible to hear pain through a stethoscope.

Happy Birthday to Celine!


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