Monday, June 07, 2004

First Day of School

Today was wonderful. The program is so well organized - it's evident a great deal of thought and careful planning has gone into everything. We already have a schedule of the rest of the semester which outlines every single class (and assigned class reading), assignment, exam and clinical placement (v. busy schedule, by the way; at least one exam/quiz/assignment every day).

My first class was "Context of the Nursing Role" which is a quick introduction to the history of nursing, nursing politics and policy, the legal scope and role of nurses in modern health care. The other class is "Principles and Applications of Nursing Technologies" which is where you learn the basic processes of nursing: everything from learning how to read blood pressure to filling in a medical record to medication dosage.

All of the professors (so far) are these wonderful wildly competent 50-something women who are well aware that we're an older, more experienced group of nursing students and pace the course accordingly.

There is, however, an amazing amount of information to take in. In a single class we sped through the physiology of vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, respirations...) AND how to measure them AND special cases AND how to record these measurements appropriately. Normally the "Principles and Applications" class will include a lab in the afternoon and that will start on Wednesday.

On Wednesday our first exam in scheduled. It will be on dosage calculation and since this topic is obviously very important to master, one must obtain a grade of 90% to pass the exam. Pretty demanding!

I've established a group of other girls who live in the area and we now have a time and place to meet so we all cross the walk of doom in good company.

In other news, my weekend was fine. I spent Saturday with a guy I knew in High School who is now in medical school here. He's a good guy but was thrilled to have met me so he can finally have an "in" to all the attractive nursing students. They are, by the way, a good looking bunch. On Sunday I went with two girls to the "Polish Festival" in a nearby park where we saw the "Polka Kids" perform. Amazing.

Much to study tonight. Am considering flashcards.


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