Friday, June 11, 2004


On Friday I had my first day of “clinical”. It went wonderfully – I was assigned to interview a very articulate, intelligent 88-year-old woman who was knowledgeable about her health history and, best of all, interested in sharing it with me. NOT a representative patient but a good one to start with. The assisted living facility I was assigned to was very swank and smelled like my grandmother’s perfume. Again, a good place to start.

I truly enjoyed the patient contact and it was exciting to be working with someone and getting to the hands-on part of the program.

I don’t know if I was expecting this but I also liked the instant recognition and authority that came with appearing to be in the nursing role. I was very official in my lab coat with badge and “EmJC - Nursing Student – Super Duper University” name pin. Walking down the hall we all looked very smart and competent. My “patient” also solicited my advice on several medication issues (about which I had absolutely no clue and, don’t worry, said as much). It’s a little bit of vanity, a bit of ego and some plain excitement. Who knew?

I spent the weekend with family friends in DC. The father is an orthopedic surgeon who had some good advice for me. He thought that my first job should be in a section where I would have maximum exposure to everything: different cases, different ages, different types of nurses, different types of doctors etc. The type of place he’s talking about would likely be an ER or ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Neither of these units appealed to me before as I associate them with highly technical “tube nursing” i.e. sticking catheters, I.V.s, needles and other devices into people and not having the time to do much else i.e. TALK to them. However, his advice was sound and I will think about it.

I have been in the library all day and am waiting for some peers to arrive for a 7 o’clock study session (exams on Tuesday and another on Wednesday). Crappy.


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