Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I am writing this post from my very old laptop in my very new room in Baltimore. I had an easy trip from NYC and unpacked in only an hour. I went grocery shopping at a Safeway within walking distance (in a new up-and-coming area called Canton in a wealthy boho strip-mall-type-thing) and there were no areas of doom whatsoever.

I went out for dinner and a drink with a girl I met at orientation and another one with whom I had been emailing. It was great to have people to spend time with AND more importantly, they both live in Fell's Point. I am going in a walking carpool with them tomorrow to go to the school so I will do the three blocks of doom with company.

Mariella, the german third of the roommates walks everyday past the doom and doesn't think it is particularly bad although she admits that she is probably naive to think so. She says she regularly gets harassed by schoolboys waiting for the bus but that she really can't understand them so it doesn't bother her. The other Fell's Point nursing students seemed to think it was OK, too. One of them, however, did a year abroad in Bogota so obviously she has different reference points.

So I am going to try out the new bed and enjoy having my own bathroom for the first time in 7 years.

Orientation begins tomorrow! I will actually have something to say!


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