Saturday, May 29, 2004


I am currently in the last leg of a Baltimore-DC-NYC-Montauk-NYC-Baltimore trip (NYC). Orientation begins on Wednesday and I am taking the train from Penn Station to Penn Station (NY -> Bal.) on Tuesday.

Moving was seamless and I like my neighborhood, Butcher's Hill/Upper Fell's Point but it is decidedly "transitional". In fact, if you type in "Upper Fell's Point" into Google, the fourth hit is a woman's blog who complains about the drug dealers who hang outside the corner store (two blocks away from my house) as well as the surplus of cars with cardboard windows. It's very pleasant, though, honest.

The only main concern I have is my walk to school. I chose this neighborhood so that I would be able to walk and therefore could live without a car if necessary. Also, it's supposed to be funky and it is close to bars and cafes but not too close. I did a practice walk once with Daniel and then once with my mother and the first 3 blocks are very pleasant and only slightly dodgy. The last three blocks are the three BLOCKS OF DOOM - a giant construction pit on one side and boarded up housing projects on the other. Delightful!

I imagine I will get used to it and learn to cope but at the moment it seems fairly daunting. Two other girls in my program were considering my neighborhood but opted for the more upscale and homogenous Mount Vernon because my neighborhood wasn't safe enough. However, I have learned of three other students moving into a house not far from mine so they are either as stupid as me or can give me some confidence re. surviving commute.

I had a good weekend at my family's house in Montauk and I boned up on my "Calculate with Confidence" readings that I have been assigned. I now know exactly how many milliliters are in a grain (an old "apothocary" measure), a dram (ibid), an ounce, a teaspoon... It's very helpful for baking although I know that is not why it has been assigned to me.


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