Monday, April 19, 2004

On Not Being A Doctor

I was asked today by someone I work with if medical school would be my "next step." No, it won't be and it hasn't been since a month or two in 1997 (before I had ever worked in a hospital or knew much about anything, for that matter). I wondered, though, how many nurses do go on to be doctors? Apparently, not many. Only 231 nurses apply to medical school a year (out of 33,625 applicants)*.

What is interesting (and v. encouraging) is that nurses are over 50 times more likely to pursue graduate education in nursing rather than medicine. A master's degree in nursing does not take nearly as long as medical school, nor does it cost as much as a small house, so this statistic isn't too spectacular. However, it does demonstrate that nurses with the initiative to apply to graduate school choose to do so in nursing.

One thing that definitely appeals to me about nursing is the continuing education. Most nurses I know are constantly taking classes and being certified in some area or other. I like the idea of paying reduced student fares well into my 50s.


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