Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Bedsores and Other Wounds.

I’ve decided that the things I am most apprehensive about re. learning how to be a RN are bedsores and other wounds. Suppurating, oozing, gangrenous, festering wounds.

My current physiology professor was a medical tech in the army just after WWII (believe it or not). By some major military oversight, his base hospital seems to have been staffed by him and at most a buddy or two. Nurses? Doctors? Not for our fearless professor. Anyway, one of their tricks was to wait for someone’s bedsore to approximate the circumference of luncheon meat, peel it off and place it between two slices of bread for shits and giggles and anecdotes to tell your students 50 years hence.

(Is this where I mention I take this class at night school (sweet, sweet night school)?)
I’ve also read stories of wounds being infested by maggots. Happens all the time (they say).
I can cope with feces and urine and vomit – these are substances I am well aware of and know them somewhat well. True infection, though, with all of its smells and secretions makes me want to run screaming.


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